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Created around 1874 by simply Georges Edouard Piaget in La Cote-aux-Costs, the Piaget company initially designed wrist watch movements for exclusive Swiss models. In 1943 Piaget registered the maker title, started advertising and marketing its very own wrist watches and started work miniaturizing its elements. In 1956 the brand presented the legendary 9P, an ultra-thin hand-wound basically 2008 inches thick.

Piaget Replica Watches

Several years eventually it invented the 12P, which inside a thickness of roughly 2009 inches tall, was the slimmest automatic caliber on the planet. piaget altiplano replica watch adopted these accomplishments using the 1976 release of the 7P, the slimest quartz movement of the company's generation plus much more much less sometime ago, the '03 launch of the 600P, the slimmest formed tourbillon movement on the planet.

Ultra-thin is just about the Piaget signature, giving the company by having an excellent probability to interrupt with traditional watch versions. In the nineteen fifties, the Swiss enterprise put its astonishing luxurious displayed by creating ring wrist watches and 9P calibers hidden in coins and gold ingots. Piaget also increased to become noted for getting released the sixties fashion for semi-stone dials made up of onyx, turquoise, barrier and opal installed on delicious cuff bracelets.

These pieces are hotly went after by enthusiasts. Piaget's movements rapidly grew to become a kind of niche of the house-and they're today. The brand new caliber 1208P, which consists of 29.9 mm diameter, is 500ths of the mm thicker compared to legendary caliber 12P, whose fiftieth anniversary was well-known this year. Still, using its height of two.35 mm, the 1208P may be the slimness automatic movement available, also it matches perfectly with publish-recession discretion for that wrist.

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